Exclusive: Hear the first song from Tenement’s upcoming double album

For ages, people have told that “the album is dead.” It’s a dialogue that’s permeated the music business as a result of digital downloading and streaming service, as the emphasis shifts towards to the singles. Accordingly, the double LP has been dead even longer, but none of these talk matter to the “Tenement”. After concluding the contract with Don Giovanni Records, label owner Joseph Steinhardt advised the band to record a double album. Now, 3 years after starting work on it in 2012, the group is ready to release its 25-song, almost one-half hour double record, “Predatory Headlights”, in June.

“Tenement” has been a favorite in the D.I.Y. community for many years, but their latest album will surely extend the band’s coverage. Following the example of such classic, expanded works as “Zen Arcade” or “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”, the band reveals each side of itself on a double album that’s both dense and fun. Whether it be a jazz song that the frontman Amos Pitsch says was encouraged by Duke Ellington or the power-pop jamming found on the group’s recent tracks, “Predatory Headlights” shows that the record, when in proper hands, remains relevant.