A bit of punk but more pop in the new album of Tenement

Another one musical element in Wisconsin punks’ art
The Tenement group is rightfully considered one of the cult American punk rock bands. Having formed in 2006, the musicians to this day do not cease to bend their line and perform uncompromising music. Tenement released their fifth album under the name The Self-Titled Album. It’s best to describe the sound as a boiling cauldron of all the styles of music that we love and which we actually has grown with. Punk, Reggae, Ska, Serf Rock and others. This is exactly what is so cool in music – an unlimited space for creativity.

The new release of Tenement, a group that has gathered from three high-profile musicians, is presented as a melodic, energetic and high-speed pop punk from Wisconsin with a great deal of irony at the expense of degenerative politics around the world and society, as well as with much optimism, faith and hope in a bright future and that we can change the world