Pop-Punk musical breakthrough

Despite the fact that their tracks are potent, positive and catchy, Tenement isn’t just another pop- punk band (and not only as they don’t fall within the definition of pop-punk); it combines a lyrical intelligence and creativeness, which differ them from their competitors. Tenement gives incredible live concerts while revealing a finer and more experimental sound in their studio.

The group was formed in 2006 by vocalist and guitarist Amos Pitsch, who is also responsible for the visual design of the band’s albums. Born in Wisconsin, Pitsch started playing drums when he was seven, and later formed his own band. Soon afterwards, he decided to play guitar instead of drums. His first punk group was called “The Waffles”. It was formed in the early 2000s. Pitsch met the bass guitarist Jesse Ponkamo while at school; Ponkamo, a second-year student, was playing with friends in the rock bands for several years before he met Pitsch. When Ponkamo ended up at a jam session at Pitsch’s apartment, the guys decided to form a group called “The Heatseekers”. But by the time the new group became famous, the band has changed the title for “Tenement”.

The group has changed several drummers before Eric Mayer became the band’s part-time drummer just before they went on the tour in 2009. Mayer fit the band perfectly, so he stayed there. Soon afterwards, the band started to record albums and separate singles.