Great Modern Punk Band

Origin: The band comes from Appleton, Wisconsin, this rumored DIY band is geographically remote from the common punk epicenters, such as New York or L.A. However, that hasn’t impeded them from creating the coolest and the most sincere songs the world has seen in years. Headed by singer and guitarist Amos Pitsch, Tenement has mastered the synergy of amazing riffs, a noisy rhythm section and anthemic texts. The productive band keeps reinventing their sound, exploring
the interaction between pop and common string instruments in their newest album “Bruised Music Vol. 2”. The band frontman wanted to include every possible sound in their new record.

The reason of their popularity: Tenement doesn’t want to fit in with a single definition of punk. “Predatory Highlights” includes everything – from acoustic melodies (“You Keep Me Cool”) to the strong piano sounds (“A Frightening Place for Normal People”).

Main Anthem: “Dull Joy” represents the band’s gift for driving, light soul-punk, and builds to a refrain that’s impossible to not sing along to.