Tenement is the name of rock band from Wisconsin, which consists of three members. It was created in 2006. The band is usually associated with the US hardcore punk scene. The fans describe their album as “noise pop” or “light punk”. However, during the live shows the band practices bold improvisation and experimentation. The visual art of singer and guitarist Amos Pitsch can be seen in most of their albums, as well as some records by other famous punk groups. Last year, the band was placed on the list of Rolling Stone’s “10 Great Modern Punk Bands”.

Since their formation, the band has changed their sound from the strong hardcore punk to add the style of the Replacements and the Lemonheads. While their last album, “Predatory Headlights”, was great in sound and reach, the new one, which includes 5 remastered songs from the band’s latest
tour cassette and two brand-new tracks, can become their best yet.

Apart from being a skillful visual artist, the band’s leader Amos Pitsch has changed his musical interests that range from old soul, performing in a country-rock side project to releasing tapes for North West Indiana hardcore band The Bug. All these influences can be noticed the new record. Since their formation in 2006, Tenement has become famous as one of the best rock bands ever. The three-member band has always created emotional music, which is usually classified as “hardcore”
or “punk”. However, according to the Bruised Music Vol. 2, Tenement challenges simple categories. Their songs vary from from lo-fi to acoustic ballads. The same band has a very different sound. Not many bands seem as fair as Tenement, which makes them so unusual.

The first song “Take Everything” will make you want to dance. There’s a lot of energy in this
album, and it’s so emotional. We particularly like “Jet Slug” and the inexorable “Your Life or Mine.” A lot of amazing riffs, memorable melodies, and great feedback. Bruised Music Vol. 2 is just adorable!

The group is currently organizing a tour for this summer, with dates gradually appearing. You just have to see this band live, so keep your ears open for a date in your country. Meanwhile, you should download their singles below, rock your life, and find out about one of the best modern rock groups.